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Device notes
In modern urban life, the use and promotion of glass spacing has been very extensive, especially in office glass spacing decoration. Therefore, the attention of glass spacer decoration is highly valued by decoration owners. How to improve the accuracy of glass spacer manufacturing device, install sealing strips, reduce air immersion and cool air immersion in decoration?
It is also a way to improve the energy-saving of glass interval by improving the tightness of glass interval and reducing the cold air immersion. According to the current national standard "Classification and Detection Method of Air Immersion Function of Buildings" (GB/T7107), the air immersion of 1-6 storeys is 2.5 cubic meters/m/h for 1-meter seam length, 1.5 cubic meters/m/h for 7-30 storeys and 1.5 cubic meters/m/h for 1-meter seam length. In the aspect of sealing method, three-seal structure profile has appeared. On the basis of traditional two-seal structure, a seal has been added, which completely separates the water-tight cavity from the air-tight cavity, improves the sealing function of the glass interval, greatly reduces the heat consumption of the gap immersion, and makes its thermal insulation function much higher than that of the two-seal.
Adding sealing strips is also an important way to improve the air tightness of office glass compartments, but attention should be paid to the coordination of various sealing materials and sealing methods, such as setting sealing gaskets under the glass, sealing both sides of the glass with sealing strips, and adding seals above the sealing strips.

When manufacturing glass spacers, the ability to accept wind loads should be taken into account to avoid unsatisfactory insulation function due to poor strength, frame deformation, gap increase and air tightness decrease. Together, manufacturing process should be strictly controlled to ensure air tightness function. In addition, the influence of hardware accessories such as hardware parts and sealing strips on the sealing function of glass interval should not be neglected. Complete matching hardware accessories should be selected and the quality should be strictly controlled.

Cleaning method
玻璃面板不难照料,但在间隔和澡堂,咱们不幸的是不会从尘垢中消失。 照料咱们的小组,咱们要记住,咱们很简单导致他们的忽视。 因而,咱们应该重视咱们的一些活动的规则,并对潜在的有害影响作出反应。
The glass panels are not difficult to care for, but unfortunately, we will not disappear from the dirt. To take care of our group, let's remember that we are very simple and lead them to neglect. Therefore, we should pay attention to the rules of our activities and respond to potential harmful effects.
面板装置在澡堂,大的问题是在咱们洗的时分泼水。 它包括铸造和番笕,从中构成一种非审美的沉积物。 在间隔里,首要的问题可能是预备食物时注射脂肪。 无论玻璃面板的装置位置怎么,问题都在于空气中的尘土落在咱们的面板上,当然还有咱们内部的其他元件。
The big problem with the panel installation in the bathhouse is splashing water when we wash. It includes foundry and soap, which form a non aesthetic sediment. In the interval, the first problem may be fat injection when preparing food. No matter where the glass panel is located, the problem is that the dust in the air falls on our panel, and of course there are other components inside us.
How to deal with the fundamental dirt.
Glass panels and soap.
在这种情况下,每次洗澡后好的解决办法是擦咱们的面板收集水残留物。 因而,咱们去除了可能沉积在咱们面板上的番笕污泥。 咱们能够运用一个橡皮刮刀的窗户。
In this case, the best solution to each bath is to wipe our panels and collect water residues. Therefore, we removed the soap sludge that might be deposited on our panel. We can use a rubber scraper window.
当咱们每周清洗一下咱们的澡堂时,好的解决办法当然是运用特别的玻璃外表清洁剂来避免石头和污泥的沉积。 假如咱们没有这样的办法,咱们能够运用玻璃清洁剂。
When we wash our bathroom once a week, the good solution, of course, is to use special glass surface cleaners to avoid the deposition of rocks and sludge. If we don't have such a way, we can use glass cleaner.
Glass spacer panel fat
间隔的玻璃面板首要暴露在烹饪咱们的菜肴时溢出的油脂。 去除尘垢的佳办法是运用一般的玻璃清洁剂。 咱们运用超细纤维或纸巾。
The spaced glass panels are primarily exposed to spilled oils when cooking our dishes. The best way to remove dirt is to use a common glass cleaner. We use microfiber or paper towels.
咱们不应该运用强力的清洁剂或糊剂来清洁咱们的面板,由于它们会刮伤咱们的玻璃间隔面板,并使其变得越来越显着。 别的,漫步可能会失去光彩,变得无聊。
We should not use strong detergents or pastes to clean our panels, because they will scratch our glass spacer panels and make them more and more prominent. Otherwise, walking may lose its luster and become boring.
Glass panels and dust
在这里,当然,保护咱们的玻璃面板的好办法是用干布或纸巾体系地擦洗它们。 但记住从面板部开始擦洗。 假如一个橱柜悬挂在面板上,应该先擦洗,由于尘埃掉下来,从底部排除它不幸的是不会带来预期的作用。
Here, of course, the best way to protect our glass panels is to scrub them in a dry cloth or paper towel system. But remember to scrub from the panel. If a cabinet is suspended on the panel, it should be scrubbed first. Because the dust falls off, removing it from the bottom unfortunately will not bring the expected effect.
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