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Glass cell performance of glass cell
Glass products are mainly for ultra-thin glass (0.4-2.0mm thick), after glass film, imitation type milling, polishing, hardening, ultrasonic cleaning, vacuum coating, screen printing and a series of special processing technology produced products. It has the function of beautifying the decoration and protecting. At present, the main products are mobile phone lens, capacitive screen, navigation, ITO, touch screen, 7 Inch Touch screen, palm computer and other products.
1) product performance
A, excellent surface finish;
B, high surface hardness and super strong scratch resistance.
C, better surface strength;
D, accurate size control;
E, with excellent metal visual effect.
F, the surface hardness is high, Moir hard up to 8H, scratch resistance, light transmittance is good.
2) product structure:
Plain film, divination, single bridge, double bridge, flower, special shape, etc.
3) product surface treatment:
Vacuum coating, screen printing, screen printing, laser lights, silver mirror effect, nickel film, not conductive film, antireflective film AR, AF film, AS film for the production of special process characteristics.

A brief introduction to the production process of glass cell phone lens

1. material: glass products into than 15-20 C, into a single ultrasonic cleaning clean, and then go on to the next step of production;
The material over the material processing, processing and customer drawings consistent shape; if the Peng carved CNC glass engraving machine with high precision, fast speed, stable performance, many products can not link the car, and can bring you more accurate dimensions.
2. slotting: the product that requires the slot position is slotted, which is completed by the stable and accurate ROC carving CNC engraving machine.
3. edge: Car finished products for edge grinding processing, achieve the appearance and performance requirements according to customer requirements, do not need to edge down side single machine, the engineers design and processing of grinding wheel, to achieve a straight edge edge fix;
4.: the main carving will need to punch and step general process to do the glass products, can also process to replace the car side, slotting and chamfering etc.. However, the sales price of engraving machine is not bad. Many manufacturers are still making according to traditional technology. But how much can you reduce if you can carefully calculate and save the first three technologies? (equipment, manpower, electricity and area), and you can also produce better products. After CNC is engraving, you must enter the single tank, clean it with ultrasonic wave, and then go flat grinding.
5. level grinding: the surface finish of finished products should be controlled, and the thickness requirement of glass should be controlled.
6. flat grinding products for cleaning finished clean after hardening, the surface hardness of glass and improve the anti impact performance, to meet customer requirements; to be good tempered flat grinding, flat grinding after tempering to a few minutes, then ultrasonic cleaning clean, into the plating or printing process; toughened glass toughened needs before the scratches, chipping the lens to pick out.
7. electroplating / screen printing: electroplating or screen printing will be processed to achieve the desired effect of the lens.
8. lens cleaning: put the screen or electroplated mirror back into the ultrasonic wave and add the cleaning agent to clean it. After cleaning, the effect is not allowed to be scratched, watermark, white dot, finger print, grinding powder and dust remain on it. The dust free workshop must be handled well.
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